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New Word : Anime Titles

 A simple game where you replace a word from an anime title with a " LOLI "  Example #1 New Title : No "LOLI" , No Life  Anime : No Game…

Started by icecream

11 on Friday
Reply by The Vampirate Queen

Fave artist?

List your favourite musical artists! Let's see if we can fangirl on anyone togetherrrrrr. Note: Simon is banned from this discussion, his…

Started by Chocolate.

12 Sep 27
Reply by Nadar [The Yawner]

Rap Game

How to Play: First post is a verse, next person posts a single line that rhymes and has to be within 2 syllables of the syllable count as t…

Started by Shinigam Death

7 Sep 25
Reply by Chocolate.

Spam game

Rules: actually play! Be the last to post when I end the game Don't post BS letters, actually say something.

Started by Yuuji [Mod]

2 Sep 25
Reply by Chocolate.

Rate the given name.

 One person can will one name and the other one has to rate that name. If I will give a name 'Eric'. Then other person will rate this name…

Started by Carrisi

8 Sep 25
Reply by Chocolate.

Fill in the ______

Explanation: A person makes a sentence with one or two blanks, then the next person fills in the blank(s) and makes a new sentence. *IMPORT…

Started by ▩Azben▩

39 Sep 24
Reply by Chocolate.


so basically you gonna ban the person above you and you have to tell them why. for an example  person 1 : hi person 2 : person 1 is banned…

Started by Tea 茶

50 Sep 23
Reply by Chocolate.

Plot Twist

Simple, just make a plot twist for the person's statement above you then make your own! Examples: User1: Today I went for a walk User2: and…

Started by ⊗Macarthius⊗ -✘Chat Killer✘-

4 Sep 17
Reply by Chocolate.

What Pops to Mind?

Title of the Game: What Pops to Mind? How Game Works: A person posts a word that comes to mind. The next person then looks at the word and…

Started by Shinigam Death

345 Sep 16
Reply by Chocolate.

True or False?

Just answer a true or false question (which the poster above you gives) and then make one yourself. Try to get the idea before posting. Ex…

Started by Shinigam Death

202 Sep 16
Reply by Chocolate.



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