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How did you get into Anime/Manga?

So the title basically explains it all, but I don't want you to just list what were the first anime or manga you saw, or read. I want to kn…

Started by Anime Master ZincLatest Reply

Anime to reality

Name one or 2 Anime that u wanna turn into reality..lyk u want pokemons in ur world.. or Geass power ^_^ Mines will be having a Geass an…

Started by AkitoLatest Reply

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【전주오피】【OPSS31쩜넷】【LOVELY】〱♪오피쓰♪ 〔OPSS〕전주오피】Τ전주건마➲전주오피】⤸전주오피】⏫전주오피】【】전주오피】Ρ전주키스방 - 야동스트리밍

【전주오피】【OPSS31쩜넷】【LOVELY】〱♪오피쓰♪ 〔OPSS〕전주오피】Τ전주건마➲전주오피】⤸전주오피】⏫전주오피】【】전주오피】Ρ전주키스방 - 야동스트리밍【전주오피】【OPSS31쩜넷】【LOVELY】〱♪오피쓰♪ 〔OPSS〕전주오피】Τ전주건마➲전주오피…

Started by LottieChambers

0 Nov 19

【평택오피】『OPSS31쩜넷』【WE LIKE】⤹♪오피쓰주소♪ 오피쓰평택오피】㋢평택휴게텔○평택휴게텔⭕평택오피】≤평택오피】⤍평택오피】㉩평택오피】 - 밤알바

【평택오피】『OPSS31쩜넷』【WE LIKE】⤹♪오피쓰주소♪ 오피쓰평택오피】㋢평택휴게텔○평택휴게텔⭕평택오피】≤평택오피】⤍평택오피】㉩평택오피】 - 밤알바【평택오피】『OPSS31쩜넷』【WE LIKE】⤹♪오피쓰주소♪ 오피쓰평택오피】㋢평택휴게텔○평택휴게텔⭕…

Started by LottieChambers

0 Nov 19

【부평오피】《OPSS31쩜넷》【네이버검색창】€♪오피쓰♪ 오피쓰부평오피】↕부평건마ⓒ부평건마ರ부평건마⊭부평키스방≎부평오피】↑부평안마 - 명품라인

【부평오피】《OPSS31쩜넷》【네이버검색창】€♪오피쓰♪ 오피쓰부평오피】↕부평건마ⓒ부평건마ರ부평건마⊭부평키스방≎부평오피】↑부평안마 - 명품라인【부평오피】《OPSS31쩜넷》【네이버검색창】€♪오피쓰♪ 오피쓰부평오피】↕부평건마ⓒ부평건마ರ부평건마⊭부평키스방≎…

Started by LottieChambers

0 Nov 19

【천안오피】〘OPSS8989쩜컴〙【BEST사이트】ౕ♪오피쓰달림주소♪ 오피쓰천안키스방β천안오피】❆천안오피】➫천안오피】➵천안오피】ν천안오피⊤천안오피】 - 단체할인

【천안오피】〘OPSS8989쩜컴〙【BEST사이트】ౕ♪오피쓰달림주소♪ 오피쓰천안키스방β천안오피】❆천안오피】➫천안오피】➵천안오피】ν천안오피⊤천안오피】 - 단체할인【천안오피】〘OPSS8989쩜컴〙【BEST사이트】ౕ♪오피쓰달림주소♪ 오피쓰천안키스방β천안오피…

Started by LottieChambers

0 Nov 19

【수원오피】〚OPSS5252쩜컴〛【ASPIRING】ⓚ♪오피쓰바로가기주소♪ 【오피s】수원오피】ಲ수원키스방≩수원오피】⎋수원오피】⇛수원안마ಕ수원오피】➡수원오피 - 와꾸쵝오

【수원오피】〚OPSS5252쩜컴〛【ASPIRING】ⓚ♪오피쓰바로가기주소♪ 【오피s】수원오피】ಲ수원키스방≩수원오피】⎋수원오피】⇛수원안마ಕ수원오피】➡수원오피 - 와꾸쵝오【수원오피】〚OPSS5252쩜컴〛【ASPIRING】ⓚ♪오피쓰바로가기주소♪ 【오피s】수…

Started by LottieChambers

0 Nov 19

Best lighthearted anime?

What's a good anime to watch that doesn't require a lot of concentration but is still good. It's the type of show your can watch while doin…

Started by TheDuckPro

13 Sep 25
Reply by Chocolate.

Anime name game!

The rules are simple: name an anime starting with a letter if the alphabet that follows the above post! I'll start: Angel Beats

Started by Yuuji [Mod]

47 Sep 25
Reply by Chocolate.

Name the Anime Character

Okay, here's how it goes. i write the name of an anime character, and then you take the last letter and write a name of another character, …

Started by Haru [ForumMod]

329 Sep 23
Reply by Chocolate.

Who was your first anime character crush?

mine was yami yugi   

Started by Yura Kureisen ★彡

99 Sep 16
Reply by Moatan

What's your childhood anime?

Mine would have to be one piece or naruto. Now which one is yours?

Started by LostBetrayal

15 Sep 16
Reply by Moatan



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