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Explanation: A person makes a sentence with one or two blanks, then the next person fills in the blank(s) and makes a new sentence.

*IMPORTANT* I know how easy it is to be tempted to fill in the blank with something inappropriate but please do try to keep it appropriate. 


    Person 1: Fill in the ______

    Person 2: Blank

                   Today I ______ and ______.

...and so on

I'll start!    Thanks to ______ I'll never be able to look at ______ the same way again.

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Cry, scream

I hope one ______ I will be ________ by everyone


if i were to________somebody, it will have to be________

punch, gene

You may have the power of _________, but it's no use against my power to _________!

flight, steal pantsu

I'm a _________.


You didn't _____, even though ______.

cry. you still alive.  XD

I am always looking for _______ when I want to ______

her, share my sedlyf stories.

I like to ____, when I'm _____.



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