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June 2013: Early Development work.


Fast Forward to 2015

(Concept login)

Current Development mode( Working on frontend features) Still rough stuff here. 

More screen shots to come keep visiting for more.

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about damn time


Well things come up. But we really want to push it out this time. As soon as possible. 


мaкї₴нїмa~[ADMIN] said:

about damn time

This kind of reminds me of the site dollars from the anime Durarara!! 


This looks awesome o.o

Is it possible to use or have a G+, Ello, or TSU sign in instead of the traditional Facebook?

lol it looks like fb. but not bad.

It looks great.

I think it looks pretty good from that screen shot and it's more like ello or tsu in appearance

Haru [ForumMod] said:

lol it looks like fb. but not bad.

good luck to the developers. :) Nice progress so far :D

looks really cool!

looking forward to this

Can't wait. ^-^



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