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It's surreal to be half a world away and belatedly catching up on the unfathomable news of the Orlando Pulse Bar shooting. 
With very limited internet access, I managed to watch the tragedy early in the morning after learning about the news the day before about the death of an inspiring artist, Christina Grimmie. 
Grimmie was one of my best inspirations. She was that type of girl who was perfect in the eyes of the people. She was a gamer, a fan of league of legends, she's one hell of a pianist and an anime geek! She was perfect in my eyes. 
She is my inspiration to why I keep playing the piano. Why it pushed me to practice and get better at it even with my busy schedule. 
I loved her way back when she was still a rising youtuber then followed her way to the voice and being one of adam's apparentice.
I just learned about her shooting during her concert in Orlando when a fan shot her 3 times during the meet and greet after her concert. (Thus he killed himself after the shoot out.)
Please help support the Grimmie Family by donating: GoFundGrimmieFamily
The full scale hit the Philippines and I watched in horror, with family and friends as the deadliest US shooting was covered in detail on t.v, and terrified witnesses retold their stories.
I feel the same knots of emotions as everyone right now.
Nothing I can say would be enough.
Nothing I can do could help enough.
But in a bizarre way, it was comforting to see the Orlando shooting get so much extensive coverage on the news in the Philippines.
Because it means that the entire world is watching.
The entire planet is affected.
We stand with Orlando.
Please help them support and donate for the victims of the Pulse Shooting: GoFundVictimsofPulseShooting
So please, my friends. 

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Comment by Haru [ForumMod] on June 20, 2016 at 6:59am

" I know but money won't close the wound. Time will"

I agree to that fact but then again, I only stated those who would like to donate and would like to offer some help to specifically say "support" the ones who need it.

It's true money can't change the matter. But I was pointing out to those who want to help the victims, or the families. Same as what "Adam Levine" did for Christina, He donated money FOR her burial and such as expenses for the tragic loss.

For the Orlando,

It's the expenses such as hospital bills, and other payments that can be of use or of help, not because the society is shutting them out.

People understand the situation, it just comes to justify that they won't accept the facts.

I'm catholic and still my family does not approve LGBT but what happened with the shooting was INHUMANE. We do however feel sorry for the ones who were affected no matter the odds.

They're still humans. 

A life is a life. 

But hey, that's your opinion though it was a bit far fetch from this post that I made which was for those who are "willing" to help. 

Comment by ☆♋Sleepyhead☯★ on June 18, 2016 at 4:19pm

This is another tragedy that gives more reason to have a gun law in the US, sad that so many innocent people lost their life by a man who doesn't seek progress in mankind but to create fear, anger, hatred. I appreciate that someone take a little care and post about it. Then again, donation? to 2 of 49 victims? Save your money. It's mean, I know but money won't close the wound. Time will. And give them resources to shut themselves from society won't exactly help, rather make it worse. Not all will do this of course but some might probably do it, maybe even worse give them resources to create more hate. Who Knows. But in the end my opinion Money wont solve anything in this matter.


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