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*I laid there on my knees. My hands were covered with blood. I couldn't even see my own skin beneath all the blood. I watched up the sky as it started raining and started to tear up. I looked back at her, lying in front of me. "This was not supposed to happen, this was not how it was supposed to be". I cried and yelled, cursing the world for what it has done, but i knew that it wasn't the world who i had to blame, it was myself. "If only i could have changed some things, this wouldn't had happen" I took her onto my arms and apologized even so more deeply. "I'm sorry, i'm so sorry." The buildings around me started to crumble down, probably because the metal over the years gave up, but i didn't care if i die, i'm better off dead anyway.*

But years before this happened.

What if i told you that the world is not what it appears to be that its just how you want to see it, that its like this because you were told it is. Long time ago a guy told me the same thing, i didn't really believe him but i felt curious since something always felt off. I knew deep inside of me that its not supposed to be like this, this reality we fake it to be. Humans are simple, work love breed and repeat, we don't want change since it takes out us in the comfort zone. I had pretty ordinal life. I got a job, a girlfriend a lot of friends good income but even if everything appears to be all nice there are always points on where everything goes downhill, well on my case it went insanely downhill, on a point of no return.

It went by a flash really, suddenly i was on a rooftop i remember how i ran so hard, i didn't even have the time to put my shoes on. Police was behind me trying to calm me down and saying that i need to come down. Shit, whatfor, shes dead and i'm being told i killed her. I was framed and i lost my will to live with her death. So i jumped..

I woke up, not in the hospital but on a field. Flowers everywhere around me. At first i thought maybe i actually died and ended up in heaven. I got up and saw buildings, a lot of old ones. Huge skyscrapers covered in moss, everything was green, the streets were covered with grass and trees. Its like all the humans had disappeared and the world kept living on. I walked down the street being amazed, everything was so green, once covered with concrete and asphalt is now covered with grass and trees. Its like i was sent into the future, a future where we humans went extinct. Part of me felt happy since my life was always boring, I always fantasized about when i watched a movie or an anime that they had such a good time, it was a world what was different, more fascinating than ours. Our world is simple, go to a school, get a job a person to be with, make some children and then die at the end of it. Like almost its natural for us to do it. But its boring, a dull life and i never got it why people accepted it as it is, why did they want such a dull life. Months went by as i scavenged and hunted for wild animals. I was alone at the entire time *But isn't this what i wanted, a life where i have to work to live, a life where i wasn't bored*.

Months went by, so did years. I traveled about 400km to another nearby city where i could get more equipment but it seems i wasn't alone. I saw someone few kilometers north at my position and was making my approach when i heard something of a gunshot. That person was hunting and trying to survive, same as me.However i had a bow when that person had a gun. I made my approach slowly while yelling at him "Eyyy maaaan". Person watched me and pointed a gun at me." DON'T SHOOT, DON'T SHOOT!!!" As i got a little closer i saw his face, a guy, quite young about 25 and seemed well built, no wonder he was so good. I got closer and clpser when he put down his gun and started to cut the deer. "so, hi...erm, i havent seen anyone for a loooong time so i dont know how to like, i dont know" Guy looked at me, stopped his actions, stared me for some time, and then went back to cutting the dead animal. He cut a piece out and threw it to me, and said with whispery voice:" Here, for your troubles for even getting close to me without getting shot".I took the meat and stashed it into my bag." So your around here, or traveling like me?" He looked the clock in his hand. "Mostly around here but i have been here and there." I got a long with him really, i mean we both have been alone for a long time. We talked, had fun, we hunted. He even had a nice garden set up different vegetables. But i should have known, not everyone are what they seem to be at first. And at one night it happened. I felt a cold blade at my stomach, he was crying apologizing while stabbing me. I didn't have the strength to even pull the blade out and started to loose strength bit by bit. Everything went hazy and i lost my consensus.

I woke up in her hands, she was crying from happiness thanking god that i survived. "So she is here aswell eh.."

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